Lars Blønd

My name is Lars Blond. Currently I am chief surgeon at Aleris Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark and consultant at the Zealand University Hospital, Køge

I am specialized in Orthopaedic Surgery and an experienced arthroscopic surgeon, with a subspeciality practice in the shoulder and knee. My main goal is to help people to regain an active life and witn no pain. If you want to read more about my working life and download most of my scientific papers read

This webpage

Many patients end up landing on this webpage due to the procedure arthroscopic trochleoplastyHowever, I do other knee and shoulder procedures as well. The arthroscopic trochleoplasty is a surgical procedure I developed in 2006 and 2007 – and has turned to become a very successful for patients having
laxity of the kneecap
and trochlear dysplasia. Patients are regularly referred to me from abroad for this procedure in combination with 
MPFL reconstruction
. Often patients contact me by e-mail and we a we meet online to discuss your situation. Sometimes such discussions are followed by proceeding to surgery.


On this website you can find very specialized information – most of it is for the really nerdy – but if you have a shoulder or knee problem – such as a
unstable kneecap
chronic anterior knee pain
– then you may find some of the information useful. Not all information is in english – the Danish version is more updated and further developed.

I used to be a competitive sportsman, and have empathy with
knee problems
of athletes. Today kitesurfing, bicycling and skiing is where I get some of my recreational activities.

I also use a lot of time on further education, by traveling to scientific meetings, reading, doing science and publish in scientific

papers or books

– most of the papers can be downloaded from this site.

Twitter Larsblond1

Where I work:

Aleris Hospital Copenhagen

Gyngemose Parkvej 662860 SøborgDenmark, Tel: +45 38 17 07 00

E-mail: [email protected]

Zealand University Hospital, Køge

Lykkebaekvej 1, 4600 Koege, Denmark, Tel: +45 56 63 15 00

Eventually read more on:

If you think that the waiting time for an appointment is a little long – international activity in 2022 and 2023

March 2022, Munich, EMEA: “Management of Patellofemoral Joint Preservation” & “MPFL reconstructions techinique in 2022, tips and tricks”

April 2022, Paris ESSKA: “Anterior knee pain – Diagnosis or symptom?” & “Arthroscopic trochleoplasty: When and how to do it” & “An attempt to understand the Patellofemoral joint – Update of assessment, grading and clinical relevance” & “Special patellofemoral case presentation”.

June 2022, Lisbon EFFORT: “Femoral and Tibial Rotational Osteotomies” .

June 2022, Israel Arthroscopic Society – Webinar: “Arthroscopic Deepening Trochleoplasty”.

September 2022, Brazilian Arthroscopic Society – Webinar: “Arthroscopic Deepening Trochleoplasty”.

October 2022, ESSKA Webinar: “Patellofemoral Prosthesis”.

February 2023, Torino, Italy teaching: “Arthroscopic Trochleoplasty”.

March 2023, Austria, Webinar: “Patellofemoral instability”.

April 2023, ISAKOS Host Patellofemoral traveling fellows.

May 2023, Birmingham, UK Patellofemoral Masterclass: “Arthroscopic Deepening Trochleoplasty”.

Moy 2023, Warsaw, Poland, “Arthroscopic Trochleoplasty” and live surgery MPFL reconstruction.

June 2023, Tel Aviv, Israel, “Arthrocopic Trochleoplasty” and live surgery – same topic.

June 2023, Boston, USA, ISAKOS, “MRI results before and after arthroscopic trochleoplasty”.

August 2023, Cairo, Egypt, EGAA, “Different aspects on trochlear dysplasia” & “Role of rotational osteotomies in patellofemoral instability, when and how I do it?”.

September 2023. Columbia, “Arthroscopic deepening trochleoplasty” – “trocleoplastia inestabilidad”

November 2023, Danish Orthopedic Society Annual Meeting – “Trochlear Shape and Patient-Reported Outcomes After Arthroscopic Deepening Trochleoplasty and Medial Patellofemoral Reconstruction: A Retrospective Cohort Study Including MRI Assessments of the Trochlear Groove”.