Patella problems

Patella problems means problems with the kneecap. The patella is an extra bone in front of the knee. The patella is a common source of knee problems. It can be problems like for example anterior knee pain or patella instability. This site is dedicated for this very complex knee field of patellofemoral injuries. So many patients have ended up unhappy after failed treatment, dealing with kneecap related problems. I have dedicated most of my carrier to understand the patellofemoral joint and to help patients for an optimal treatment.
Patellofemoral problems

This page is a landing page for kneecap problems. Please click on the topics below and read more. Unfortunately there is yet no good systematic, so you have to surf through the topics and pick up what is related to your problem. I am sure that if you spend some time to understand, you can help yourself to get an optimal treatment. If you go to an orthopedic surgeon, you can prepare to ask the right questions. Many orthopedic surgeons have major shortcomings in their knowledge in this field. So to secure yourself you have to be critical, Use some time to find a patellofemoral specialist. Do not hesitate for a second opinion, before you undergo surgery. If you have the correct surgery, you can expect a very good result.

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My particular interest and expertise is in the subject of kneecap or patellar instability.