Patient udsagn

Artroskopisk trokleoplastik og MPFL rekonstruktion

26 December 2016

Mit navn er Laura Stricker, og jeg er i dag 15 år gammel. Jeg har haft mange knæskred med knæskal af led, og jeg vred om på mit højre knæ første gang, da jeg gik i 3 klasse. Jeg led af trochlear dysplasi på begge mine knæ. Jeg blev opereret første gang i højre knæ i 2014 med arthroscopic trochleoplasty og MPFL rekonstruktion og var super glad for resultatet, og valgte derfor at få lavet venstre knæ slut 2015. Jeg har været igennem en del genoptræning på begge knæ, og jeg er tilfreds med at have fået foretaget operationerne. Jeg stoler mere på mine knæ og kan nu fysisk dyrke det sport, jeg lyster. Eftersom jeg har svømmet i mange år og går på konkurrencehold, så fortsætter jeg med min svømning. Men jeg kunne helt klart være i stand til at bruge min krop på en helt anden måde, end jeg gjorde før. Jeg kan også helt klart anbefale at få udført operationen trochleoplasty og MPFL rekonstruktion, hvis man lider af trochlear dysplasi. Ens knæ bliver mere stabile og knæskallen hopper ikke ud af led. Jeg vil dog sige, at det kræver arbejde at stole på sine knæ, men det er noget man vil lære efterhånden. Når man har gået i lang tid og været usikker på sine knæ, så kræver det meget mod pludselig at kunne stole på dem. Det er i hvert fald en af de ting der har været sværest efterhånden. I dag kan jeg fuldt ud stole på mine knæ og være fysisk mere aktiv uden at være skrækslagen for at knæskallen skulle finde på at hoppe ud af led. Men jeg kæmper med at komme ned i hug. Det kan jeg stadig ikke i dag, men jeg håber på at jeg vil kunne på et tidspunkt, efter alt den hårde genoptræning. Jeg vil gerne takke Lars for at have lavet to fantastiske knæoperationer og jeg er så glad for det i dag. Jeg stoler på mine knæ, og jeg har ikke været udsat for knæskred siden.

Laura Stricker

Trochleoplasty and MPFL reconstruction

25 July 2016

I had an arthroscopic trochleoplasy with lateral release and MPFL done by dr Lars Blond on 4th of September 2013.

I previously had a history of 23 years of patella instability (I am now 34 years). Almost every week my left patella was jumping out of its place in the last 4-5 years. Additionally I had a habitual luxation, meaning that every step I was taking my patella was slightly dislocating.

I searched a lot on internet and with local doctors and finally decided to take the surgery with doctor Blond. It was the best decision I made. The quality of my life and the satisfactions I have are great.

Everything progressed very well after surgery, I started rehab intensely in the first 2 months mostly by myself but I became lazy as I could see I am walking better and better and because I have to spend a lot of time at my office job…For me it’s like I almost forgot I had this problem. It feels like it happened in another life

Doctor Blond and his team are true professionals but I have also appreciated their human value, the confidence they gave me. Although I was for a surgery in Copenhagen, I had a very good state of spirit and almost felt like in holidays and this is due to his team.(and a little bit due to anaestetichs and pain killers )

If you have punctual questions about surgery and recovery I gladly answer you but the best person to talk to is Lars Blond.

Even after 3 years, I still keep in touch with dr. Blond and still waiting for him to come and visit Romania.:)

Mona Popa

Arthroscopic trochleoplasty + MPFL reconstruction

13th February, 2017

I had an arthroscopic trochleoplasty with lateral release and MPFL done by Dr Lars Blond in March 2016 and then the other knee in June 2016. Since about the age of 5 I have been having knee dislocations on average once a day but at its worst it could be 2 to 3 times a day although the right was usually worst as that would dislocate more although sometimes they would dislocate at the same time. I am from England and at the age of 7 I had my first MRI and inquired about what I could do here and found out that I would have to have open knee surgery with intensive recovery and physiotherapy. At the age of 12 in February 2016 we went to Copenhagen to inquire about what they could do about my knees as we knew then that my legs had stopped growing and if we could operate. We then found out that I could have key hole surgery on both knees with a far better percentage of it working and a far better recover and also fewer and smaller scars. We decided to go ahead with the operation and in March 2016 I had my first operation. I was very frightened when I went it to the hospital to get the surgery but although I was very scared all of the doctors and nurses were very nice and I felt so much calmer knowing they were there to look after me. After the operation it did hurt a lot and I had to go through recovery and therapy but now I have recovered even though it was only one knee better I already felt so much better for it. In June of the same year I went ahead with my second operation and this was far better. I recovered a lot faster this time and four days later I took my first steps on my knew knee and even though it hurt I was so glad that I had had it done. Now that I am 11 months on from my last operation I feel so much better for having it. I can walk so much better now and I am even learning how to run which I had not been able to do since I first dislocated my knee. I am so much happier now I have had it done and I haven’t had a dislocation since the operation and I can’t wait to see everything I wasn’t able to do before now that I have knees that will no longer dislocate. Lars was so amazing when I met him and so friendly he wasn’t scary like a doctor at all. He explained everything so to me and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

Megan Anstee

Arthroscopic Trochleoplasty and MPFL reconstruction

11 August 2016

I had an arthroscopic trochleoplasty with mpfl on my left knee done by Dr Lars on Sept 20 2014.

My first dislocation was at the age of 10 just kicking a soccer ball. After that incident I would dislocate around every other year. I love sports so this wasn’t going to slow me down. I had a lateral release done at age 17. After taking it easy several years later I still dislocated. I thought this was the way my knee was and I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. Playing basketball someone undercut me on my shot and I dislocated again. This time I knew it was bad. Days later I had a hard time walking and months later I couldn’t run. I reached out to multiple Orthopedic specialist traveling to California. They recommended a TTT, Mpfl, and one noticed a shallow groove but wasn’t comfortable operating on my knee. I went online and learned about trochleoplasty. I saw pictures of people being cut open and their recovery time, which really scared me. But one name stood out and that was Lars Blond. Why is his name the only one popping up for Arthroscopic Trochleoplasty. I emailed Lars sent him my MRI images. We skyped and he explained to me that the surgery would help me. Coming from Hawaii this was a big leap for me. Never been to Denmark and I had a long ways to travel. I took the leap and went for the surgery. Lars and his staff are true professionals. I stayed over night at the hospital and I was bearing weight. I was able to shower the same day with a bag over my leg. I stayed in Denmark for 2 weeks got some Therapy done. I traveled from Denmark to New York to California and back to Hawaii.

I started PT when I got home. Getting range of motion back was the hard part. But fast forward to almost 2 years late at age 30. I would say that I am satisfied with the surgery. I still keep in contact with Lars through email. I don’t think about dislocating anymore its like a thing of the past. My leg is about 95% at the moment. I still need to strengthen it some more due to muscle atrophy. If you have considered doing the surgery contact Lars and he will give you his honest opinion. But from my own experience he changed my life.

Kenneth Chan

Artroskopisk trokleoplastik og MPFL rekonstruktion

4 October 2016

I have suffered from trochlear dysplasia in both knees. In the summer of 2012 and 2013, I had an arthroscopic trochleoplasty operation combined with a MPFL reconstruction performed by Dr Lars Blønd. Since early childhood, I have experienced numerous patellar dislocations, all with a spontaneous relocation, but as a child I did not suffer from any significant pain. The following years were characterised by fewer dislocations and the last 2-3 years before my first surgery, I only had 1-2 dislocations per year. However, with increasing age the injuries became worse, were extremely painful, and required intensive physiotherapy and months of rehabilitation after each incident. The many dislocations progressively deteriorated the stability of my knees, which significantly affected my life, as even the simplest daily activities became a challenge. The year before my first surgery I had trouble walking, as I repeatedly experienced subluxations in my right knee every step I took. It was almost impossible to walk on slippery floors or walk on the sidewalk in the wintertime, as the slightest external rotation of the foot would dislocate the patella. It was rather a coincidence that I became acquainted with Lars Blønd and his procedure when a physiotherapist mentioned him. A couple of months earlier I was told by another surgeon, that there was no realistic treatable surgery to my knee problems. After my first consultation with Lars Blønd I was very relieved, as he was convinced that a stabilisation of my knees was possible. After my first surgery in 2012, which was successfully performed, I suffered from severe oedema in my leg for about 6 months, which made me dependent on crutches the first 3 months. The extendibility of my knee was incomplete and the muscles were characterised by marked muscle atrophy. However, 1 year of intensive physiotherapist-directed rehabilitation supervised by physiotherapist Christian Weinold left me with a well-functioning knee. I regained full range of motion, strength and mobility and I was ready for the next surgery. After the second successfully performed surgery in 2013, I experienced a limited ability to bend my knee due to a very tight ligament. Starting out with only 40 degrees of knee flexion, it was a long and painful rehabilitation towards the achievement of full range of motion 10 months postoperatively. Like after the first surgery I suffered from obvious muscle atrophy, but with help from physiotherapist Christian Weinold and the use of electric muscle stimulation, I regained strength, mobility and functionality. The years of surgeries and rehabilitation were tough and painful, but I am extremely grateful that Lars Blønd managed to stabilise my knees and that Christian Weinold supervised and supported me during both rehabilitation periods. Presently, 3 and 4 years after my surgeries I have not experienced any dislocations, I feel no instability in my knees, and most importantly the constant anxiety of luxation is gone. I live an active life with only minor difficulties. I will never become a marathon runner, but I think I can live with that! - Amalie Frederiksen, 25 years (Denmark, 2016)

Amalie Frederiksen

Forreste knæsmerter og rotationsosteotomi

I sommeren 2021 fik jeg roteret min venstre lårbensknogle. Det var efter at en speciel scanning af min hofte, knæ og ankel viste, at mit lårben var roteret forkert. En MR-scanning havde forinden vist at min knæskal sad forkert og lavede begyndende slidgigt. Jeg havde haft tiltagende knæsmerter omkring den forreste del af mit knæ i et stykke tid, og det udfordrede min mobilitet i hverdagen. Løsningen blev en operation med rotation af min lårbensknogle foretaget af Lars Blønd. Operationen gik som det skulle, mit ben blev rettet op og min knæskal sidder mere lige på knæet. Krydser fingre for der ikke kommer slidgigt. Jeg oplevede (måske lidt overraskende) ingen smerter, et godt helingsforløb og kunne gå uden krykker igen lidt over 5 uger efter operationen. Det gode ved denne operation er, at du må støtte på benet med det samme. Det vil siges du kan bevæge dig lidt og er dermed mindre afhængig af andre. Og alt er pludselig genoptræning! At rejse sig op fra sofaen, hente mad og snacks, gå på toilettet og når du på et tidspunkt igen danser af glæde. For hver dag, nogle gange næsten time for time, kan man mærke, at man kan mere og mere igen. Og der går heldigvis hurtigt og det er fedt! Jeg ved ikke om jeg kan ønske dig "god fornøjelse" med opererationen, men i hvert fald sige, at jeg håber du bliver tilfreds som mig.

Anita K.

Arthroscopic trochleoplasty

This is what Mikkel wrote as a comment on LinkedIn after the 10 years jubilee of the arthroscopic trochleoplasty was posted. Mikkel was the first to undergo the procedure and had the same procedure in the opposite knee a few month after.

Already 10 years ago. My first meetings with you are clearly in the memories. Just from the relief over finally meeting an expert who had proper knowledge of my problem and the hope of another future. The long wait to get started with the operation. Again with the hope. Your High five just after surgery. Despair when it went wrong once. Till now, where I have the strongest knees ever and have released the fear. Doing crossfit three times a week, where they are pushed to max and I do not feel anything at all. Thank you so much for your courage to do it and for giving me a new life. Thank you very much, Lars, I will always be grateful to you for fulfilling my greatest childhood wish: Normal knee Sincerely.

Mikkel (edited)

Mikkel O

Arthroscopic trochleoplasty + MPFL reconstruction

4th May, 2017

When I was thirteen my kneecap dislocated for the first time. My leg was set in a cast for 6 weeks but little did it help. Within a year it had happened again and as time passed it happened more and more frequently. Every time I was in a cast for 6 weeks. Shortly before my 18th birthday it was decided to operate on the knee. By shortening the ligaments the kneecap should be more stable. I have to mention that this was in 1982 so a very long time ago. The operation did help me briefly but within a couple of years the kneecap started dislocating again. However I did not want to go though the procedure again so I learned to live with the frequent pain and the fact that I would never have a well funcioning knee. The years passed and about two years ago, when I was on holiday in Italy, something happened to make my knee worse than usual. As always, I told myself that it would pass. However it grew worse as the weeks passed. At the time I was lucky enough to be working at the same hospital as Lars Blønd so I asked him for his opinion. He immediately recognized that I had trochlear dysplasia and would benefit from arthroscopic trochleoplasty. An MR scan confirmed his diagnosis and within a few weeks he performed the operation. I was then 50 years old and had lived with the affliction for 37 years. I was also the oldest person to have the procedure at the time. It was a huge success and I will forever be grateful to Lars Blønd and his fantastic team. After half a year of physiotherapy I was able to walk without the constant fright of my kneecap dislocating and now, two years later, I am able to do so many things I was unable to do before like running, going to the trainingcenter or just something as simple as squatting down to pick something up or walking up a flight of stairs. It has given me a new quality of life and I only wish it had happend many years earlier. My knee is totally stable and I never worry about it any more. I thank my lucky stars for having met Lars Blønd and for having arthroscopic trochleoplasty. I can only recommend it to everybody with trochlear dysplasia. Do will never regret it. It is so worth the long rehabilitation and everything else that comes with it.

Anne Mette Løth Holm

Flytning af knæskalssenehæfte

3 October 2016

Henriette 45 år Jeg fik d 2 maj lavet en fulkerson osteotomy af Lars Blønd. Efter utallige operationer i højre knæ efter en bruskskade, blev jeg tilbudt denne operation som skulle udsætte en evt. knæprotese. Jeg gik ind til det med meget få forhåbninger af resultatet. Men til meget skamme. For min hverdag er blevet 80 % bedre. Jeg har nu en hverdag med meget få smerter. Mit aktivitetsniveau er ikke på toppen som en atlet. Men en god cykrltur og lange gåture er i dag ikke noget problem. Jeg har i mange år været plaget af konstante smerter og forstyrrede nætter. Smerterne er nu kun i overbelastede perioder og kan smertedækkes med smertestillende. Kan anbefale denne operation til alle i lign situation.

Henriette Kold

Artroskopisk trockleaplastik og MPFL rekonstruktion

25 June 2016

Mit navn er Cecilie Eriksen – jeg er 21 år gammel og blev d.18/11-15 opereret for arthroscopis trochleoplasty. Jeg dyrker sport på eliteniveau, og har de seneste 3 år været en del af det danske military landshold for youngriders(18-21år).

Jeg har døjet med knæproblemer så længe jeg kan huske. Blev fritaget fra idræt fra 4.-9.klasse grundet osgood-schlatter, men startede efterfølgende på en idrætslinje i 10.klasse da jeg umiddelbart var færdig med at vokse og dermed måtte genoptage idræt. Desværre opstår et nyt problem til allerede første idrætstime – min knæskal går af led ved løb med retningsskift på max speed. Lige siden der, 2009, har jeg døjet med løs knæskal med over 10 episoder hvor knæskallen er gået af led. Jeg blev opereret første gang i 2010, hvor jeg fik rekonstrueret det ledbånd der holder knæskallen på plads. Dette holdte dog ikke, så bliver opereret 2. gang i 2011 for samme rekonstruktion af indvendige ledbånd.

Enkelte løsheds-fornemmelser sker de efterfølgende år med usikkerhed omkring knæskallen, men ingen dissiderede udskridninger. Dog opstår der 2 episoder inden for samme uge i sommeren 2015, hvor vi dermed indser at problemet endnu en gang er tilbage. Heldigvis har denne lidelse ikke haft nogen form for indvirkning i forhold til min ridning på eliteniveau, da mit knæ ligger stabilt i en sadel. Men den generelle usikkerhed ved normal gang (specielt på ujævnt underlag), alt løb, retningsskift osv., har haft en utrolig stor tilbageholdende effekt på mit liv.

Det er først i efteråret 2015 jeg kommer i kontakt med Lars Blønd – og her er der ingen tvivl om at jeg har brug for indgrebet arthroscopis trochleoplasty, da jeg mangler den naturlige fure i min lårbensknogle, hvori knæskallen bør ligge.

Jeg bliver opereret d. 18 november 2015, og starter efterfølgende til fysioterapi hos ProAlign v. Micheal Knudsen 10 dage efter operationen. Her bliver jeg bl.a. introduceret til Compex elektroterapi, der fungerede som hjælp til aktiveringen af musklerne i den daglige træning, efterbehandling efter træning og smertelindring – ville virkelig ikke have været foruden dette apparat. Derudover har min træning bestået af både gang og senere løb på AlterG Tredmill(anti-gravity løbebånd), der kunne tage dele af min egen vægt, så jeg kunne gå med mindre belastning og dermed aflaste det opererede ben.
Under hele forløbet har jeg været meget flittig med mine daglige hjemmeøvelser, og har dermed høstet frugten nu, da mit fungerer rigtig fint. Er dog stadig ikke færdig med mit genoptræningsforløb – har 1,5 månedstid tilbage endnu.
Jeg kunne tydeligt mærke hvis der var en enkelt dag jeg fik misset min træning, og bestemt ikke på den positive måde. Knæet blev hurtigt stift, uroligt og øvelserne blev det sværere til den næste dag. Men ved at holde mig selv i nakke og min generelle indstilling til konstant at presse mig selv en smule, havde jeg allerede fuldt bøj i mit knæ blot 2 mdr. efter operationer. Min fulde bevægelighed kom efter ca. 4 mdr., og jeg kunne dermed genoptage fuldtidsarbejde, samt ridningen på daglig basis både dressur og springning.
D. 10/4-16 var jeg for alvor tilbage i sporten, der red jeg nemlig mit første stævne efter operationen og hev endda en overlegen sejr med hjem.

Hele forløbet har på ingen måde været en dans på røde roser, da det har vekslet meget imellem
gode og dårlige uger. Det gjaldt om at finde en balancegang mellem konstant at øge sin belastning af knæet, men samtidig at være påpasselig, da det hurtigt kan vende til det værre. Rent smertemæssigt for mig, var de første 2 mdr. noget af det værste jeg har prøvet – mine to ledbåndsrekonstruktioner kan på ingen måde sammenlignes med dette indgreb, men pr. 3. måned begyndte tingene at vende til det bedre.
Jeg har på intet tidspunkt efter operationen følt nogen form for løshed omkring mit knæ, og nu her lidt over 5 mdr. efter, er det ikke mange gener jeg har. Knæet kan mærkes lidt, hvis jeg har belastet det ekstremt meget, men det bliver kun bedre fra dag til dag – så jeg ville til hver en tid anbefale dette indgreb, og håber at jeg slipper for usikkerheden eller lignende knæepisoder forhåbentlig resten af mit liv.

Cecilie Eriksen


Kære Lars,

Jeg lovede jo at sende dig en mail 1 år efter min operation, hvor jeg fik fortaget et indgreb ( Tibiaosteotomi ) Operationen foregik på Alleris/ Hamlet den 3. oktober 2017.

De første 8 uger efter operationen, var voldsomme hårde, men til at holde ud, det værste var at sove om natten med donjoy på (smiliey) at gå uden og støtte var selv sagt en udfordring, men dem møder man jo i livet alligevel. Jeg havde meget glæde af sofaen i de uger.

Jeg startede på fysioterapi ca. 14 dage efter operationen, og det gik vældig godt, efter 3 uger med 2 gange om ugen, kunne jeg cykle og få benet med hele vejen rundt, derefter gik det faktisk hurtigt med at komme i form igen. Jeg kan kun anbefale A-Fys i Solrød ( for at være de bedste til at genoptræne patienter.

Efter 6 måneder, følte jeg en klar forbedring i min tilstand, hævelsen var ved at forsvinde, og efter 8 måneder følte jeg mig klar til igen at kunne opstarte min almindelige træning i mit træningscenter.

I dag 13 måneder efter operationen er jeg næsten Fit for fight igen. Jeg er dog ikke startet på Stepbænk, da det virker uoverskueligt at skulle kunne det, uden at få ondt ved stød op i knæet.

( jeg har steppet 4 timer om ugen før ), ej heller løb, men alt andet er jeg ret god til igen…. Squat ( om end de ikke er lige så dybe som før ) alm. hård træning og let hop på stedet fungere fint.

Alt i alt er jeg meget glad for operationen, og taknemlig for at du forslog det, i stedet for et nyt knæ lige nu.

Med hensyn til mistet følsomhed på underbenet, kan jeg sige at det var et meget stort område i 0-10 måneder, men at det her på det sidste stort set kun er omkring arret og nederst ved fodens begyndelse.

Tak for din hjælp og vejledning, jeg er glad (Smiley)


Tina Toftemann

Knæskalsprotese - slidgigt knæskal

Jeg hedder Lisbeth Stuart og jeg har fået opereret venstre knæ i november 2017 og højre knæ i 2019 af Lars Blønd. Lars kunne som stort set den eneste læge/ortopædkirurg gennem tiden se og anerkende, at mine smerter, bevægelsesbegrænsninger og følelse af ustabilitet i knæene skyldtes flere forskellige faktorer - bl.a. at føringsfurerne til knæskallerne ikke var dybe nok og at min knæskal blev trukket skævt. Dette havde medført nedslidning af brusken på lårbenene og under knæskallerne. Jeg har derfor fået foretaget proteseoperationer i begge knæ med indsættelse af en patellofemoral protese (Hemicap Wave). Forskellen fra før operationerne og til nu er stor. Jeg har ikke smerter som tidligere og jeg kan gå lange ture og lignende uden at mine knæ og ben hæver voldsomt op. Jeg kan uden at tøve ,anbefale både operationen samt Lars Blønd, som værende særdeles professionel og dygtig samtidig med at han er interesseret og empatisk i forhold til sin patient.

Lisbeth Stuart
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