Shoulder tests – Videos of AC & Scapula tests

A number of muscles of the scapula work in harmony to facilitate and allow full shoulder movement. Damage to the muscles or the nerves going to the muscles may result in abnormal movement of the scapula - called Scapula dyskinisis.

These tests evaluate these muscles and also the ligaments of the AC (acromioclavicular) joint.

AC Joint line tenderness

Cross over test

AC resisted extension test

Paxinos sign

Piano key test

Wall push up

Snapping Scapula

Manuelle muskeltest

Shrug test

M Trapezius intermedius force

General Mobility

M Trapezius superior force

Apley´s scratch test

Hitch-hiker´s thumb test

Alternative measurement internal and external rotation

M Serratus Anterius force

M Trapezius Inferior force