You are welcome to contact Lars Blønd at Aleris Hospital via the information here.

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A small but important detail – if you are treated at Køge Hospital, I do not have access to medical record information at Aleris Hospital Søborg, as they are different medical record systems. If you have given permission for me to see your information on, I can access and read in that system.

If you’ve had X-rays or MRI scans, for example, I can’t see these either, unless you ask our secretaries to request the images from where the examinations were performed.

If you want to contact me at Aleris Hospital, you can use e-mail [email protected] (patients at Køge Hospital please contact the secretaries at Køge Hospital 47 32 33 50 and do not use this e-mail – in  otherwise I am on leave from Køge Hospital until June 2025)

Aleris Hospital Søborg,Gyngemose Parkevej 66, Søborg, 2860, Denmark,

Phone: +45 38 17 07 07 00

E-mail: [email protected] Zealand University Hospital,Køge, Lykkebaekvej 1,4600 Koege, Denmark,Tel: +45 56 63 15 00