Courses, Congresses and Symposiums

Selected Courses, Symposiums and Congresses that I have attended

Courses1.Winter sports medicine 6 days DIMS, France 892.Orthopaedic medicine 7 days OMI, Kbh 933.Optimal treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries 18 hours Herlev 934.Sports course for emergency physicians Gentofte 935.Orthopaedic surgical infections Brøndby 936.Basic course in arthroscopy Gentofte 937.Pain management Lyngby 948.Danske AO – kursus 5 dagen Brøndby 949.Børneortopædi Lyngby 9510.Plastik kirurgi Lyngby 9511.Kar kirurgi Lyngby 9612.Advanced Arthroscopy of the Knee and Shoulder Budapest 9613.Columna Cervicalis Kbh 9714.Ortopædkirurgiske A-kurser ialt 14 97 – 00.15.Præhospital traumatologi Herlev 9816.Advanced arthroscopic surgery Italien 9917.49 th. Continental Cource of Surgeons England 0018. Advanced knee arthroscopy Aarhus 0119.Isocyanate Arbejdstilsynet BBH 0220.International Skeletal Trauma Cource Switzerland 0221.Advanced shoulder arthroscopy SAKS, Kbh 0222.Advanced course on shoulder arthroscopy France 0323.Elbow fixator and Tenxor ring fixator Stryker, 0324.Ultrasound diagnostics for orthopedic surgeons E-course, Aarhus 0325.Current concept in the treatment of injuries of the forearm axis: The link between the elbow and wrist, DK 0326.Medcalf arthroscopic surgery USA 0427.Mitek arthroscopic surgery Italy 0428.Ortofix meeting Italy 0429.Advanced course on shoulder arthroscopy France 0530.Shoulder workshop Aarhus 0631.Advanced course on shoulder arthroscopy France 0732.Medcalf arthroscopic surgery USA 11                                                                                                             33.Advanced  course on shoulder arthroscopy France 15                                                                           34.ALL consensus meeting, Lyon 15                                                                                                                 2016-18 please see below    

Symposia & congresses1.Restitution, Team Danmark, Brøndby 902.Shoulder problems in daily life and sports DIMS, Herlev 923.ESSKA Congress. May 96, Budapest, Hungary4.Shoulder diagnosis. in non-traumatic shoulder pain DIMS, RH 965.Ultrasound diagnostics in sports medicine DIMS, RH 966.DIMS Congress 96 Gentofte7.ESSKA Congress May 98 Nice, France8.Meniscal Transplantion Symposium BBH 989.Shoulder problems in athletes SAKS, Odense 0010. ISAKOS Congress, Schwiez 0111. Advanced shoulder workshop BBH 0112. DIMS Congress 0113. Scandinavian Congress DIMS Aarhus 0214. ISAKOS Congress, New Zealand 0115. 2nd Combined Swedish/Danish shoulder/elbow meeting Kbh 0316. Symposium on the groin, hip and sport. SCISSORS, BBH 0317. Secec Congress, Italy 0518. DIMS congress 0619. ESSKA Congress, Austria 0620. Advanced Shoulder Surgery, France 0721. Secec Congress, Belgium 0822. ISAKOS Congress, Japan 09 – Invited speaker23.Skadinavisk kongres DIMS Kbh 1024.ESSKA Congress, Norway 1025.SAKS Shoulder symposium, Roskilde 1026.Midland Controversies, England 11 – Invited speaker27.IMUKA Congress, The Netherlands 12 – Invited speaker28.ESSKA Congress, Switzerland 1229.Scandinavian Congress Sports Medicine, Sweden 12 – Invited speaker30.DIMS Congress 1331.AAOS, USA 13 – Invited speaker32 Warsaw, Poland 13 – Invited speaker33. ESSKA Congress, Amsterdam 1434. Int congress innovative orthopaedic Xian, China 1435. Advanced Shoulder Surgery, France 1536. Birmingham, England, Knee meeting, 15 – invited speaker37. ISAKOS congress, Lyon, France 1538. Warsaw, Poland 15 – Invited speaker                                                                                      39. Workshop, Muünchen, Germany, Knee 2016 – invited speaker                                             40. Knee symposium Cologne, Germany 16 – invited speaker                                                           41. International Patellofemoral symposium, Linz, Austria 17- invited speaker                       42. Copenhagen 17 – invited speaker                                                               43. Joint Preservation Warsaw 17 – invited speaker                                                                   44. IASCON congress India – live surgery – invited speaker                                                         45. Patellofemoral Symposium, Portugal 17 – invited speaker                                                   46. Patellofemoral Symposium, Munich 17 – live surgery – Invited speaker                       47. CPH 18 – invited speaker                                                                       48. Orthopedic Technology Innovative Forum, Munich 2019 (Invited speaker)                       49. Patellofemoral Symposium, Feldkirch 2019 (Invited speaker)

If you’re curious about my CV, you’ll hopefully see that I’ve done further education and been used as a national and international speaker quite a few times

International Patellofemoral Symposium, Linz 2017