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What’s wrong with my knee?

Many knee conditions cause either pain or reduced activity levels. One of the things orthopaedic surgeons can help with is finding the cause of these problems. For example, simply listening to how the problem has arisen and what discomfort you’re experiencing can help to make a diagnosis. Further certainty of a diagosis can be achieved by also looking at the knee and examining it. However, it often makes sense to supplement with either an X-ray, ultrasound scan or MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis. X-rays are best for assessing bones. MRI scans are best for assessing things like menisci, cartilage and ligaments. UL scanning can also be good for some other specific things such as overuse injuries and seeing fluid in a baker’s cyst, for example.

Knee training

Good all-round and regular exercise is one of the keys to a healthy knee. In general, here’s what I say about training or just general use of the knee. If your activity has caused knee pain or knee swelling, this should be gone within 2 days of exercise. If this is not the case, you have used your knee too hard or for too long. The above guideline actually applies both before and after any surgery.

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My special interest and area of expertise are problems around the kneecap and loose kneecap, but I also have a keen interest in cruciate ligament injuries and many other knee problems