This is a table of content for different knee problems. There is a special site just about kneecap instability and kneecap related pain.

This page is just a landing page for different knee problems. Please click on the topic below and read more. Remember that english is my second language, so please be patient with the language. Hopefully you can be helped to understand your knee problem better. If you have patella = kneecap related problems, there is a special menu just for this field.

  • ACL tear
  • More knee
  • MRI Scan
  • Plica
  • Tibia Osteotomy

Patella instability or Anterior Knee Pain - Patella Problems page

Link to many knee exercises

I deal with many knee conditions, and you will find details if you click through to the various the pages listed here.

My particular interest and expertise is in the subject of kneecap or patellar instability.